EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE is designed to be as affordable as possible for your company. We know commercial software is expensive. So, rather than demand a big payment up front plus maintenance fees and per-seat licensing, we have opted for a simple pay-as-you-go subscription process.

One low monthly payment covers everything. We do not care how many of your team use the program. We will not charge you for every update we make to the program. As we make changes, these new features are yours to use for the same monthly fee.

The fee is based on the number of units in your fleet (please see our pricing list). Right now, we are still in our pre-rollout phase. Our plan is to open the program for beta testers only for about 30 days. Then we will open it up for all companies. Right now, that release date appears to be 1 July 2020. If you want to get started right away, please become a beta tester.