FLEET MAINTENANCE is a private-access, secure, cloud-based equipment and service record keeping tool. To ensure only you and your team have access to your data, each of your team members must login before updating equipment and service records.

FLEET MAINTENANCE is a browser-based, cloud application. You use any web browser to communicate with our server in a secure connection. You can tell it is secure when you see the lock symbol and the https:// in the browser address bar.

Our dashboard is easy to use with the focus being upcoming services.

This is where you can maintain your equipment lists, view/print service history by year, print management reports, manage upcoming service requirements and administer your version of the program.

FLEET MAINTENANCE is designed so you can work in an office, in the yard, in the shop or on vacation. You can use any kind of computer, laptop or tablet that has Internet access.

EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE can manage 1, 2, 10 or 2000 pieces of equipment. The number of pieces determines the monthly subscription price. The first price level is for 1 to 10 units. The next is 11 to 30 units. After that, it is 31 to 50; 51 to 100, 101 to 1000, etc.

This is the heart of EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE. This is where you can record refueling/recharging, lube-oil-filter, repair, parts, warranty and safety inspection information.

EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE is designed to make record keeping easy and fast. Your team will not be bogged down with paperwork. There is no need for making notes on a clipboard and then hoping that someone else will enter the data later.

Periodic safety inspections are a necessary fact of owning and operating heavy equipment. Filling out the forms can take a lot of time.

We have included a Highway Patrol approved safety inspection report system designed for motor transport terminals. This report system is based on the California Highway Patrol CHP-108 form.

You simply take your Internet enabled tablet to the equipment and mark each area as "OK" or "Deficient" as you make the inspection. That is it! Then, when it is time to print the necessary reports, your office staff can simply select the piece of equipment and then print the safety inspection reports that we provide.

We are dedicated to highway safety and will create any reasonable report needed to satisfy your regional or state highway safety agencies.